When checking for patient eligibility before an appointment there are lots of
things that your front desk has to keep an eye out for. Most staff undefinedprobably have a consistent routine for their claims management tasks and coverages that they check for with each patient. If your staff is only checking for coverage of the scheduled procedure or appointment type it could end up causing bottlenecks in the workflow if coverage questions arise during the appointment.

The OD could end up discovering an issue during the exam and want to proceed with further testing. Likely, the patient is going to wonder if the additional procedures are covered by their insurance before moving forward. If your team is checking for additional coverage before the appointment starts the OD should be able to answer coverage options quickly without running back out to the front desk to ask.   

Here are a few things your front desk staff should check for with each patient:

  • Is the routine vision exam covered?
  • Are specialized visits and diagnostic testing covered?
  • Are office surgeries covered?
  • Are radiology procedures covered?

If you can get in the habit of answering all of these questions for each patient before the appointment you're one step closer to a more efficient workflow.