What You Need to Know about Cloud-Based EHR in Your Practice

Before you dive head first into a cloud-based EHR for your eyecare practice there are a few things to know and consider. If you're moving from paper or a client-server system, the switch to the cloud could be a big change for your practice. And, if you aren't an expert in technology you might want to make sure that your practice has the details in place to support a cloud-based system.

Being able to understand your software and equipment is going to allow you to get the full benefits so that you can really take your practice above and beyond. Let's dig in to some of the details you should know about the cloud.

Is Your Practice Ready for Cloud-Based EHR?

Understanding the Cloudundefined

Cloud-based software systems are simply systems where your data and applications are maintained on remote servers, and you access your data via the Internet. So, instead of hosting a physical server in your own practice, your software vendor hosts and manages a server for you. That way, you're not stuck dealing with updates, server maintenance, IT costs, or hardware expenses. Plus you can access your system from any device with an Internet connection, not just the devices that you've installed software on.

So, what about Internet requirements?

In order to fully utilize a cloud-based software you need to have a reliable Internet connection. Each software is going to be different in terms of the speeds and requirements that they expect out of your Internet connection. Most Internet providers offer varying speeds of service, so you just have to make sure that you have the package that is the most appropriate for your practice needs.

A Few Reasons Why Cloud-Based EHR Software Might Not Be For You

So much buzz about the cloud. It's everywhere! But is it right for you and your eyecare practice? After doing the research and learning everything there is to know about cloud-based EHR software it seems like the benefits outweigh the negatives. But there are two sides to every argument, and today we want to take a look at a few reasons why some people might be on the side of caution when it comes to implementing the cloud in their eyecare practice.

5 Reasons You Should Forget About Cloud-Based EHR In Your Practice

1. You won't get to shop around for expensive hardware.undefined

Who doesn't love to shop, especially for new and pricey hardware for your practice? If you decide to go with cloud-based EHR software in your practice you won't need to shop around for expensive hardware that's compatible with your new system. With a lot of client-server software options you'll have plenty of opportunity to spend your hard earned cash on new hardware to get your practice prepared for the new system. 

2. You won't get to manually update your software.  

If dealing with software updates is your jam, then don't think twice about a cloud-based software. With cloud solutions your updates are all handled by the software vendor leaving you plenty of time for other things. With traditional software you'll be able to set aside your own time for manual updates. You might even be able to close down the office for an afternoon while you get all your devices up to speed with the new updates!

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