How to Ask for an Optometry Office Software Change in Your Eyecare Practice

In any work setting it can be intimidating to ask for things you want. Whether it's time off, a pay increase, or even for new tools that will help you perform your job better. As an employee in an eyecare practice, you might be more aware of some of the inefficiencies lingering in your workflow than even the OD is. Which makes it your duty to speak up if you think your practice could make a change for the better!

If you're nervous about recommending changes in the practice, read up on these pieces of advice to give you the confidence and a plan of attack for asking your boss to make a change.

Discovering Your Biggest Optometry Practice Management and EHR Software Needs

If you're looking to purchase new optometry practice management software for your practice, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options available to you. Buying new practice management and EHR software is not only a huge purchase to make, but it will undoubtedly bring large changes to all areas of your practice. To help lessen the stress of searching for software, we've got some steps you can take to make sure you choose the option that is best for your practice's needs. 

How to Discover the Best Optometry Practice Management Software for Your Practice

1. Decide Who Your Practice Isundefined

Understanding who your practice is might be the most important step in deciding which software to purchase. Every practice is unique in terms of staff, hardware and IT infrastructure, and workflow, so take a look at these three areas to help create a practice profile. Write up a couple of paragraphs that highlight how your practice is currently functioning. Having a true understanding of how your practice currently runs will help you pin down the features that you're going to want in a new system.

2. Drill Down and Get Specific

Once you've written up a couple of paragraphs about who your practice really is, use this information as a stepping stone to help you understand what your specific software needs are. Which areas of your workflow need the most improvement? Where is your staff running into the most inefficiencies? Based off of those areas you can determine which features and integrated tools you see as most important in your software decision. It's important to know what you're looking for before you start checking out demos from different vendors!

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