Is 2016 the year for you to open your own eyecare practice? If it is, we know that you're in over your head planning and preparing for this exciting time in your career. The amount of things in play that will affect your new practice are plenty. We've picked out three important things that anyone who is considering opening their own business needs to be thinking about. Location, brand, and technology are the three areas we want to focus on today. 

3 Big Practice Management Considerations when Opening Cold


The location of your practice is probably on the top of your priority list. Deciding where you want to open the practice and whether or not you'd like to rent, buy, or build the space are all considerations that need to be made. A lot of research needs to be done to determine where there is a need, locally, for a practice and the costs associated with that location. Is it in a convenient spot for patients to find, arrive at, and park? The surrounding buildings and businesses could also affect the perception of your business. That's just one more thing to be thinking about when looking for the perfect space.