Why Your Patients Want Your Optometrist Software to Have a Patient Portal

For the most part, when you're shopping for optometrist software for your practice, you're looking for a solution that will streamline your inefficiencies and make your workflow quick and easy. But on top of just looking for a solution to meet your needs, you should look for a solution that can help meet the needs of your patients too. That's why a patient portal is an important piece of your practice's software solution. We've got 4 reasons your patients are going to be obsessed with their patient portal

Don't Let Patients get Frustrated with Long Waits in Your Eyecare Practice

Whether you're at the DMV, hair salon, restaurant, or the doctor's office, having to wait for your appointment or reservation can be annoying. The last thing you want to do it waste your patients' time if your schedule starts to fall behind. While sometimes it can't be avoided, there are a few strategies you can put in place in your practice that can help your schedule stay on track and avoid backups in your waiting room.

Why Marketing Your Patient Portal is Crucial to Its Success

In this digital age, where consumers prefer doing just about anything online, top-quality patient service and satisfaction is now a requirement. Using a patient portal or secure electronic communications is an effective way to not only boost patient engagement and satisfaction, but also, improve your own practice’s workflow and interoperability through technology.

Your practice can gain a great deal of time and money from implementing a portal. Patient portals can take a significant burden off of your practice by putting the power of self-service into the hands of patients. But, getting patients to use and engage with your patient portal can be the biggest challenge of integrating a patient portal!

If your patients are reluctant to using a well-designed patient portal, the problem may be in your practice’s process of marketing and integrating it into their care. Here are 5 strategic ways a practice can increase patient portal usage and consistently maintain an engaged patient audience, which inevitably leads to increased workflow and efficiency throughout the practice!

Taking Your Patient Portal to the Next Level!

Easy Sign-Up

Patient portals help save you valuable time when patients adopt and use secure
. But as mentioned before, getting your practice’s undefinedpatient portal set-up and actually getting patients to use it are two entirely different challenges. The first step to marketing your patient portal is ensuring your patient portal is always easily accessible. Have it integrated and promoted across your practice’s website, and include log in links in emails. Also, provide patients with simple instructions on how to log into the portal to view their health information.

Pamphlets in the office with these instructions, and mentioning your new patient portal on your office voice mail are two more ways you can encourage patient portal use. If patients arrive early for appointments a staff member can take the patient through an online tour of the portal and assist the patient as they sign-up and explore any tools or features. Developing a script for employees, can help ensure that patients receive consistent messaging from your entire team.

Highlight the Most Useful Features

Your patient portal can do a lot of things, but many of your patients might not care about all of the portal’s features. So, a good tactic to remember is that instead of overwhelming patients with too much information, highlight the features that will be used by that patient most often. The most common (and simple) features you might market, generally surround making it easier for patients to manage their health online, as well as perform normally very time-consuming tasks online. It’s all about saving the patient time and making their care more convenient.

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