Technology for medical professionals is constantly evolving and often at a quicker pace than most can even keep up with. More specifically, medical records have made some of the largest leaps and bounds. Paper charts and patient record folders used to be the the primary means for storing patient sensitive information, and paper records not only took up space, but were also very inefficient when compared to new practice management and EHR solutions.

The great increase in efficiency and convenience that has come about with online tools has connected ODs and other medical professionals across the globe with each other, and with their patients. Explore how the evolution of practice management systems has been affected by online technology and how it has improved daily tasks in the practice from then to now.

How Far have Practice Management Systems Come?

Then: Fax Machinesundefined

The fax machine is sometimes still used in optical to submit product orders. But, the convenience of this and of the fax machine as a whole is dwindling. Austin Allison, a former realtor and current CEO of Dotloop, said she expects the fax machine to fade away within the next 5 to 10 years. He stated, “The last 30 to 40 years or so have been about us going from physical to digital. The fax machine really doesn’t fit into that equation.”

Now: Online Ordering

Today, we are getting more familiar with cloud technology and the capabilities to electronically send information and communicate with labs, pharmacies, and patients all online. Labs prefer using online ordering solutions rather than outdated fax machines because they are more accurate and help complete ophthalmic orders faster. Utilizing an online ordering solution into a practice is now easier than ever, with some practice management systems having the solution already embedded or integrated into the system. This technology eliminates duplicate data entry and allows you to track your orders easily online.