undefinedThe optical dispensary in your eyecare practice is likely a big revenue generator for you. So it's important to have the right staff in your office that are keeping customers happy, and making those important sales. It's easy to get caught up with helping your patients in the exam room that your dispensary can get ignored.

In an independent practice your sales are important. That's why we've put together a list of reasons why you might not be hitting all of your sales goals. While each market and practice is unique, there are some common practice management for opticians tips and techniques that apply to just about every dispensary. Take a look at what we've come up with!

Practice Management for Opticians:
Are You Guilty of These Sales Mistakes in Your Eyecare Practice?

Focusing on Price, Not Value

While it's true, customers are worried about price when it comes to just about any product or service, value is often just as important, if not more. With all the economic changes in the past 10 years, all facets of the supply chain have been affected. As this happens, value in products tends to see a drop off. As consumers realize this they are more likely to spend a few extra dollars on getting a product that they see quality and value in. So make sure you explain all the features of frames and lenses that offer benefits over others.