Does Your Optometry Office Software Offer these Two Features?

These days when it comes to practice management and EHR software for your eyecare practice there are a ton of choices that each come with their own bells and whistles. So an important first step in the buying process is to determine which bells and whistles your practice really needs, and ones that might be nice to have. 

When it comes to your claims management process, it's an area of your practice that has a direct impact on your revenue stream. So having optometry office software that comes with top of the line features to help you manage your claims more efficiently is important. Today, we want to share with you two features that can sometimes be overlooked, but can be big game changers when it comes to your claims process. 

2 Minute Tip: What's on Your Claims Management Coverage Checklist?

When checking for patient eligibility before an appointment there are lots of
things that your front desk has to keep an eye out for. Most staff undefinedprobably have a consistent routine for their claims management tasks and coverages that they check for with each patient. If your staff is only checking for coverage of the scheduled procedure or appointment type it could end up causing bottlenecks in the workflow if coverage questions arise during the appointment.

The OD could end up discovering an issue during the exam and want to proceed with further testing. Likely, the patient is going to wonder if the additional procedures are covered by their insurance before moving forward. If your team is checking for additional coverage before the appointment starts the OD should be able to answer coverage options quickly without running back out to the front desk to ask.   

Here are a few things your front desk staff should check for with each patient:

  • Is the routine vision exam covered?
  • Are specialized visits and diagnostic testing covered?
  • Are office surgeries covered?
  • Are radiology procedures covered?

If you can get in the habit of answering all of these questions for each patient before the appointment you're one step closer to a more efficient workflow. 

How Optometry EHR Can Help Boost Your Reimbursements

Your reimbursements are one of the most important things in your practice. And, if you're an OD there is a chance that you might be a little out of touch with what is going on in your billing department when it comes to reimbursements.

If your practice isn't already utilizing the full capabilities of a practice management and EHR software, now might be a good time to consider how a system could help improve your billing and claims workflow in order to get you reimbursed quicker. Or, maybe you already have a system in place but you just aren't taking full advantage of everything it can do when it comes to claims management.

The right system will enable your biller to speed up claim submissions, track claims more easily, and manage ERAs. When it comes to getting  help from your optometry EHR and practice management software, these are some of the claims management features to look out for.

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