This is How Late and No-Show Patients Destroy Your Optical Practice

We've heard a lot from eyecare practice staff that one of their biggest challenges is managing late and no-show patients in their office. No-show patients lose revenue for your practice, and late patients can mess up your entire schedule for the day. So, it's understandable that dealing with these types of patients can be frustrating.

While there isn't always a perfect method for every late and no-show situation, we've got some tips and ideas that might inspire you to manage your patients differently.

Does Your Optometry Office Software Offer these Two Features?

These days when it comes to practice management and EHR software for your eyecare practice there are a ton of choices that each come with their own bells and whistles. So an important first step in the buying process is to determine which bells and whistles your practice really needs, and ones that might be nice to have. 

When it comes to your claims management process, it's an area of your practice that has a direct impact on your revenue stream. So having optometry office software that comes with top of the line features to help you manage your claims more efficiently is important. Today, we want to share with you two features that can sometimes be overlooked, but can be big game changers when it comes to your claims process. 

4 Ways Optometry Practice Management Software Helps You Run an Efficient Practice

Technology is available to help make day to day tasks in your eyecare practice more efficient. If you are still running a paper practice and haven't implemented the latest tools and software out there, you could be missing out on simple ways to make your practice more efficient. On top of that, technology will make your employee's jobs easier and will likely make them happier in their role at your practice. 

Aside from a happy team of employees, technology can make things easier on patients too and helps modernize your practice. Most new patients seek out healthcare providers that are up to date with the latest technologies. Don't let your practice fall behind.

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